• Educated at Illinois, Harvard, Dartmouth, and the Johns Hopkins Medical School
  • Director of the M.D.-Ph.D. Program in Psychiatry and Behavior Sciences, JHUMS (1968-1973)
  • Board-certified in Forensic Suicidology (2009)
  • Editor-in Chief, Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior (1982-1996)
  • Director, U. South Carolina Suicide Center (1985-1996)
  • Fellow in Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, American Association of Forensic Sciences (current)
  • Killam Fulbright Scholar, Alberta, Canada (Foothills Hospital, Calgary) (1986)
  • Deputy Medical Examiner, Baltimore, Maryland (1968-1973)
  • Author/Editor, Twenty-Seven Books (most recent, 2019)
  • Yale Foundations Fund Fellow, Wien, Austria (1979-1980)
  • World Health Organization Fellow, Berlin, Germany (1971)
  • Consultant to the FDA and Columbia University (2005-2006)
  • Grant Reviewer for NIMH, NSF, and AFSP
  • Recipient of Twelve Suicide Research Grants totaling $2,022,478
  • Consultant to the American Academy of Sciences, Institute of Medicine (2001)
  • Scientific Advisory Committee, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (1993-2003)
  • Produced and acted in HBO Movie, "Death By Hanging" (1998)
  • Five Court TV Programs